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Website hosting

We host your website on a fast dedicated server running solid state disks using the latest technology including a fault tolerant and redundant 40 Gbps network to ensure uptime and throughput.

Your website will load faster then cheap alternatives such as shared hosting where your website could be hosted alongside many other peoples websites that could negatively impact your websites performance.

Our hosting benefits

  • We have direct access to your website files
  • High performance in terms of speed and features
  • Weekly scheduled backups of your website
  • Reliability and guarenteed uptime
  • Very affordable and hassle free
Website hosting inside a data centre

Regular backups

We provide weekly backups of your website. You will never lose content.

High performance

Our websites run on SSDs drives with a 40Gbps network for blazing fast speed.

Security and updates

Systems are set for automated updates with a built-in firewall for security.

Always online

The hosting we host your website on provides a 99.9% up-time guarentee.

Fault protection

Full fault protection for our servers, all faults are monitored and reported.

Full support

We offer around the clock support. Contact us at any time to resolve any issues.