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Domain names

A domain name is the vital link to your website online and enables it to become indexed in major search engines such as Google. Ideally, it should be simple and memorable, describe your business perfectly, and be uniquely yours.

We can work with your existing domain name, pointing it your newly redesigned website on our servers, or we can help you purchase a new domain name from a domain register of your choice.

Launching your website

In order for us to launch your newly redesigned website we will need your domain name register login details. This will allow us to attach the domain to our servers where your website is hosted.

Domain management

We can manage your domain name for you for an additional monthly fee. If your previous website developer or designer has registered your domain name we will need to get the UDAI number.

Domain emails

We can set up custom email addresses for your domain name using Gmail or Zoho for your website. We don't host email on our servers for security reasons.

Expired domains

If your domain name has expired, there is usually a grace period during which you will be able to quickly register it again before it becomes publicly available again.